We participate as a network provider for several insurance carriers such as:

Delta Dental,  Cigna (PPO),  Ameritas, and  Metlife.   

Since individual policies can vary,  please contact our office at (919) 461-0110 to determine if we are providers in your network or for any insurance questions.

If provided with accurate and current insurance information, we will be happy to assist filing insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. With proof of valid insurance, 20% of total fees will be collected at the time of surgery for in-network patients and 50% of total fees for out of network patients. After we receive payment from the insurance carrier, we will refund any amount due or request patient payment for balances not covered by insurance. Another option is to receive a pre-determination from your insurance carrier prior to the date of surgery.

Pre-Authorizations: If the patient or insurance company requests, we will submit a pre-determination to verify coverage amount before surgery. With proper predetermination, you will be responsible for the balance that your insurance carrier estimation does not cover. Results from pre-determinations may take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks depending on your insurance company. We encourage patients to contact their carrier directly to facilitate a faster response.

Although we will assist in any way possible to facilitate proper reimbursement with insurance carriers, the ultimate responsibility of the account rests with the patient or guarantor.

Again, a call to our business office can quickly resolve most questions regarding your financial or insurance responsibilities.