Patient Information

Welcome to Cary Oral Surgery

Our practice has provided excellence in oral surgical services to the Triangle for over 20 years.  Upon completion of their surgical residency at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1995, Drs. Englehardt and Vande Berg founded our thriving surgical centers in Cary and Garner.   Almost every day we see a previous patient or their family members and we greatly appreciate the overwhelming and continuing trust in our practice.   Our surgeons provide the highest level of surgical care developed over many years of experience.   Every individual situation is unique and our philosophy of care is focused toward education with a clear discussion of options and potential risks of surgical treatment allowing each patient to make informed decisions regarding their own care.   In many cases there isn’t a single option for treatment and we believe each patient deserves the right to be fully informed and actively involved.   Our practice has had the pleasure to meet more than 45,000 patients over the years and many have seen us multiple times!     We combine this expertise and wisdom gained through experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of care possible.  

There is always anxiety associated with any surgical procedure and it is extremely common that we are treating teenagers who have no previous surgical experience or adults that may have had a poor previous encounter.   We are very aware of these concerns and make every effort to provide the most comfortable care possible with a variety of anesthetic options.   We view patient care as a privilege as well as an opportunity to provide a positive experience improving future patient confidence.   We welcome patients to discuss any concerns they may have with our staff to allow the most personalized care possible.  

We remain active in the community supporting such outreach efforts as the Wake County Food Bank, rotary groups, youth sport teams, treatment of visiting overseas orphanage children among others.